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Hassle-free game processing and butchering

You’ve done the work, now it's time to let our expert team handle your game processing. Our clean,  facility is located at 4491 N Haroldsen Dr.  

• Salami

• Breakfast sausage

• Polish sausage

• Pepperoni sticks

• Chopped n Formed Jerky

• Stripped Jerky


A variety of processing options:

You can count on us to professionally smoke and cure ham, pork, bacon, and dry beef for you.


If you aren't big on hunting, you can also purchase a variety of jerky and smoked turkeys from us online or in-person. Buy now !

Comprehensive game processing

Over 50 years ago we began as a simple family-owned and operated meat processing plant. Today we specialize in unique jerky, turkey, and ham productions and will gladly process your game for you.

Call for game processing drop-off

hours, call us at



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