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Learn more about Glenwood, Inc.

What once began as a simple meat processing plant has bloomed into a renowned family business dedicated to creating 100% meat products. Click here to place your order for any of our meat products.

- Since 1961

- Over 50 years of experience

- Family-owned and operated by Glen and Katie Scott

- Developed the original smoked turkey

- One-of-a-kind beef jerky recipe

- Beef and turkey jerky made fresh daily

- Our Teriyaki Chopped and Formed Jerky is a 1st place winner

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Quality you can trust

To always keep you on your toes, we are constantly developing new flavors and striving to improve our turkey, beef, and ham products (if such a feat were possible). Right now, we offer a variety of jerky, smoked turkey, and spiral ham. You can have our excellent meats at any event, from a funeral to a wedding or a family reunion, with our catering service. Bring your game to 4491 N Haroldsen for affordable processing! Buy Now !

Enjoy a huge selection of products

In 1990 we entered our Teriyaki Chopped and Formed Jerky in the Northwest Meat Processors contest for new products and one 1st place! Since then we have only improved our recipe!

Glenwood teriyaki  beef jerky Glenwood mini sausage

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